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Flex help 2 leagues WHIR (1 Viewer)


Both leagues are .5 ppr 6 point tds and have 2-3 point bonuses for long tds and 100 yard games

league 1:

need 3 of these 4

golladay, Corey Davis, Baldwin, sutton

league 2: (also 1 point per 10 return yards)

need 1 of these 3

Lockett, larry fitz, golladay 

I think I would sit Sutton of the first group.  I would like to see him do something good before I trust him.

Second group I am not really sure what kind of impact the return yards provides in the grand scheme of things.  if they are significant then I probably go with Lockett.  If they aren't significant then I would go with Golladay. 

They can be significant if a dude returns 3-4 kickoffs. Problem in Seattle is he has been sharing the job with a penny. 


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