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FLEX starter PPR league (1 Viewer)

looking for some help with my flex start...PPR league

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looking for some help with my flex start...PPR league

rest of the line up is 







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I'd go with Drake here.

Although Gore should get some carries, Drake should be the dominant play here, especially in PPR and has homerun capability.  I could argue Conner too but Drake is the safer play.

Please take a look at my trade question.  Thanks!  :thumbup:

Week 1, I'm going Cole. Looking like he is going to be the #1 this year.

With it sounding like Gore still in the picture and not knowing where or how much right now I'm cautious on Drake, especially if Gore gets the goalline touches.

I'd go with Drake. I think the Dolphins will be a mediocre team for the season but this is a very winnable game for them and vegas agrees setting it a pick em. To me that means Drake will continue to rack up carries well into the 4th quarter in a tight game.

thanks for answering mine.

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