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Flex & te help (1 Viewer)


Both PPR...I have 2 teams both in need of flex help..
Team 1 starters (allen, stevenson, pierce, aiyuk, ridley, st. Brown, friermuth)
Need 1 from
Dotson @ den
Doubs @ atl
Nancua vs sf

Team 2 flex need 1..starters(hurts, chubb, j. Cook, g.wilson, debo, goedert)
Flowers @ cin
Pierce vs indy
B. Hall @ dal
Dotson @ den

Extra credit..TE spot..hunter henry or freiermuth
For team 1, I go Doubs. I suspect that would not be a popular decision for many with Nacua's week 1 performance fresh in our memory, but I am a Doubs believer this year. and I think he can get it done again this week vs ATL

For team 2, I am really tempted by Pierce only because of the tough matchup for Hall. I think in the end I would go with Hall. He just looked too good last week to sit for any matchup.

For TE...Freiermuth gets my vote.
I think for team 1, I go with Doubs as Watson and Jones out leaves more targets.
For team 2, I like Dotson ...Hall is maybe on pitch count again against a very good D.

Freiermuth gets my vote with Johnson out and Pickens now questionable.

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