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FORMULA ONE : LAS VEGAS > Nov 2023 - Planning / Tips? (1 Viewer)


What's up fellow vegas & F1 fans! 

Anyone else planning on going to the Vegas Grand Prix in Nov 2023? 

Any ideas on the exact date? They're saying it's a Saturday night race.

Looks like it's running down the strip from Wynn to Cosmo? Any ideas on decent balcony rooms overlooking the strip from that area? Cosmo has some. Any others? 

Ideas on 2-3 BR hotel rooms / suites in that stretch? 

Other good places to stay along the route?



SEMA is usually the first week of Nov every year.  Wonder if they are going to try and time it up with that.  Would be epic, a car guys heaven.  

I often go to SEMA, might have to make this happen.  Rooms along the course route will be a fortune though



The 2022 F1 calendar wasn't finalized until last October so I wouldn't expect a firm date for Las Vegas to be announced anytime real soon. 

There's been a lot of talk about regionalizing next year's schedule to reduce travel expenses.  Shoehorning Miami in between two European races this year was widely criticized.  I doubt they'll run Las Vegas and COTA on consecutive weekends though.

Whenever it happens, it's going to be a very expensive weekend for anything with a strip view.  The back straight is going up Koval so maybe you can get a $10 steak dinner at Ellis Island and hear the cars go by.

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