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FPC satellite draft from last night, how did I do? (1 Viewer)

I think the guy with the first pick has the best team.

I would rank them.

Team 1

Team 3

Team 5

Team 4

the rest are meh.

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Team 2 is far and away the best team here. Solid throughout the first 10 picks. The only mistake was taking Luck ahead of the next 5 QBs available. I'd be shocked if this team doesn't run away with it if it stays reasonably healthy. I'm getting the love with the other teams mentioned above.

Is this the FFPC scoring system 6 pts/TD pass & 1.5 pts/Rec for TE?

I like teams 6 & 11 (if the RBs stay healthy - no depth). Your team is top 1/2 of the league and should contend if you guess right on what WRs to play each week and maybe use Cutler's 2 or 3 decent weeks.

Team 5 would have looked much much better had he not wasted that 8th round pick on Green-Ellis.

The guy played the 'wait on QB' game a couple rounds too many. Pretty inexcusable IMO to do it not only once, but twice.

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