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2022 - How did I do? (1 Viewer)


From the 12th spot...BOOOOOOM!

QB: Lamar, Fields
RB: Saquan, Chubb, Patterson, Pacheco, Ronald Jones
WR: DK, Olave, Burks, Garret Wilson, Gage, Watkins
TE: Mandrews, Kittle, Njoku,
K: Bass, Folk
DF: Bills, NE

This doesn't feel like a boom. I like your running backs. You spent waaaay too much draft capital on tight end.

I really don't want DK as my 3rd wr this year, he is your 1st . It looks like you just reached in every round after the 5th until you drafted Gage.

Good luck
A lot can happen still but FYI @msudaisy26 .....its the highest scoring team in its league....BOOM so far and no Kittle yet. Added Wentz and Shepherd to the squad. #BoomTime
Lol you are really taunting people after 2 weeks?
Well....3 weeks in the team is 78th overall. Thats pretty boom.
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....3 weeks in the team is 78th overall. Thats pretty boom.

Wow, 3 weeks in you were right and I was wrong. Absolutely amazing... I am starting to understand why no one likes you in here.
Its the degree to which you were wrong that I find funny. Someone needs to learn to laugh at themselves and not take a fantasy game so seriously. Its still boom btw....probs top 100 after tonight.

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