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Fraser Creeps up the Depth Chart

Fred Greetham - Scout.com

August 17, 2005 at 6:37pm ET

Unless you are watching carefully, you might be missing an OSU Buckeye moving up the Cleveland Browns depth chart. Fred Greetham has the story...

Berea - Don't look now but undrafted rookie free agent Simon Fraser is quietly having a pretty good training camp. Normally, a player not drafted is not given much of a chance to make an NFL roster, but with the switch to the 3-4 and a plethora of inexperienced defensive linemen, Fraser is in the mix.

"He's a very active young man," Romeo Crennel said. "He's got some juice, some energy out there. He's moving around on the depth chart."

Fraser is listed as the backup at left end behind Orpheus Roye -ahead of sixth-round draft choice Andrew Hoffman and second-year player Amon Gordon . He was listed on the third team prior to the Giants' preseason game.

"I'm in a great place," Fraser said. "Whether or not I was drafted or not at all, we're on the same level out on the field. I just want to compete for a place on the team."

Fraser doesn't want to get too excited yet.

"It's too early to tell," he said. "I'm definitely getting more reps in practice, but the coaches are moving a lot of people around now."

Fraser (6-6, 288 pounds) was a solid player at Ohio State , but was lost in a rebuilding period on the defensive line after the 2003 season. He played in all 51 games with the Buckeyes totaling 88 tackles, including 10 sacks, 22 tackles for loss, 16 passes broken up, two forced fumbles and one recovered fumble

Fraser batted down a Trent Dilfer pass and caught the ball with one hand for an interception last week at practice. He has knocked down several passes thus far in training camp.

"Batting down passes is a technique I've worked on to try and obscure the quarterbacks throwing motion," Fraser said. "I try to use my size to disrupt the quarterback if I can't get to him."

Playing in front of over 100,000 people a week at Ohio State was a platform Fraser was used to but he still got a thrill playing his first NFL game last week.

"This is the elite level," he said. "It was very exciting for me and my family to be a part of."


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