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C.J. Gardner-Johnson (1 Viewer)


I don't think he gets enough love in fantasy football rankings or real life.

Yes, there are question marks and maybe some red flags, like 3rd team in 2 years and I hear he talks...a lot, but his real game impact can't be denied and his IDP scoring has greatly benefited me over the past few years.

Word in camp is CJ is the best player on the team. He's rowdy and gets the entire defense fired up. His was a key contributer to the Philly D and helped give them that push needed for their Super Bowl run. They will miss his presence in that defense in 2023.

CJ just has a nose for the ball. 67 total tackles, 5 tackles for a loss, 8 pass deflections, a sack, and 6 INTs over essentially 11.25 games in 2023.

Gardner-Johnson was acquired by the Eagles days before the start of the 2022 season. After a few weeks of getting acclimated, he arrived. Weeks 5 through 11, CJ amassed 42 total tackles, a sack, and all 6 of his INTs. His season was derailed by a lacerated kidney early in the week 12 game but he miraculously returned week 18 to tack on an additional 7 tackles.

CJ Gardner Johnson is a stud and I'll confidently bet him every Sunday in 2023 and beyond. For dynasty purposes, he is only 25 years old until 12/23. In some cases, he's CB designated due to the way the Lions intend to move him around, so take a look if you are in a have to start CB situation.

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