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Free Agency pushed back to 12:01 AM Saturday (1 Viewer)


NOBODY except ProFootballTalk.com was reporting that free agency would be pushed back last night.

Now it appears the mainstream media is reporting it.

Apparently it starts on Saturday at 12:01 AM now.

ESPN's John Clayton reports the final three hours of owner negotiations were so fast and furious that everyone's heads were spinning. NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and union head Gene Upshaw couldn't even finalize a start to free agency. Scheduled to start at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, free agency was pushed back a day upon acceptance of the union proposal. Because of the complications of the deal, Upshaw is expected to agree to push it back again until 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

in addition, the cap is $102m, not $104 as was being reported.

I don't know why they keep doing this....let's get it on already!

It was inevitable. Everyday I look forward to seeing some waiver wire action, to wake up and find out it has been pushed back again. :cry:

NOBODY except ProFootballTalk.com was reporting that free agency would be pushed back last night.
It was at the NFL.com site wednesday, fairly confident I posted it here. Something along the lines of if agreed it could be pushed back 24 hours so teams could get settled under the new CBA.Ernie Accorsi, GM of the G-men, had stated this over and over in interviews. NFL and NFLPA do not want teams to lose players because they're unprepared and will always lean toward an extension. I mention him because Plax and Pierce were signed to contracts last offseason with an exception for an uncapped 2007 if it happenned. Haven't heard of any team doing that, that much in advance. He's a smart cookie. I hope the NFL retains his services after he retires from the Giants. A smart guy majorly influenced by Tisch and Mara playing in the best market in the world for football.....they couldn't find a better person to bounce ideas/thoughts off of.FYI He answers fan emails a much as he can too and has always been kind too.

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