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Game of Thrones Dynasty league, needs houses! (1 Viewer)


We are still in need of a few houses. The houses left are the following: -

  • House Arryn
  • House Tyrell
  • House Tully
  • The Free Folk

Here's the league set up

  • 12 team dynasty league over 4 divisions
  • Custom scoring to include return yardage
  • Salary cap & multi-year player contracts
  • Live rookie draft followed by an auction draft
  • Tradeble draft picks
  • Rosters up to 35, including IDP
  • 8 person taxi squad
  • 2 person IR
League set up on MyFantasyLeague. Check it out so far.

Entry fee is $50 with the league being paid for out of the pot and the rest split between winner, runner up and maybe third. So from each entry fee, $7.50 goes towards the league cost, then the remaining goes into winnings (I'll use Leaguesafe). That would mean that the winning pot is $510.

  • $300 for winner
  • $140 for runner up
  • $70 for third
If you are interested, PM me, reply to this or send an email to hello@domioanna.com, I can invite you straight away.

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