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Game Thread W14 - St.Louis V Arizona (1 Viewer)

Serious question: IS Boldin playing? I checked the injury thread and didn't see him listed. Is he on the field?

I'm grateful for this board even though pretty much everyone hates me. I would have started Miami instead of Arizona had I not been able to talk out on this board.

That DRC return gives me a gasping chance, so I have to ask if anyone knows how many tackles-for-loss (not incl. sacks) the Cards had?'

edit: Looks like 4. Poor me.

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JJ Arrington needs to start getting the ball more. He looks like the only RB on their roster with NFL speed.

Like many, I was excited they finally decided to pull the plug on Edge. Hightower just doesn't run with the authority he did early in the year. He seemingly stutter steps on every run and can't get to the corner.

Zona really needs to get the running game kinks worked out if they want to do anything at all in the playoffs. I know it may seem far fetched right now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a very fresh Edgerrin become the guy again in the playoffs.

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