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Game Thread W15 - Tampa Bay V Atlanta (1 Viewer)

gump said:
Shlon said:
AAABatteries said:
Now that was an ugly win - I'll take it, but man did we shoot ourselves in the foot. R fumbles a sure TD on the 1, Ryan gets picked on the 1 and has another horrible throw. The D came up big, but I agree that we caught a break with Garcia out. If he plays, we most likely lose.So, now the question is, who holds the tiebreaker between Atlanta and Tampa? Tampa looks in decent shape to win out and we've got @Minny next week. Time to go root on the Giants and also hope that Cleveland can pull a miracle tomorrow night.
Don't forget the blocked punt given up by Coy Wire, but he seems to be a better player than Boley. Tie breaker in division:# Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs). (1-1 even)# Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division. (3-3 vs 3-3 even)# Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games. (toss up, I have no clue)
According to the Playoff Calculator...TB wins the tie with Atlanta. I believe it's due to strength of schedule.
If it's a three way tie with Atlanta - Dallas - Tampa, NBC just said Tampa would be the odd man out. I think they're wrong though.
I'm not sure anybody knows for sure. :blackdot:ESPN.com shows the Bucs with that last spot, but both Mike and Mike and ESPNews have the Falcons. :lmao:ETA: NFL.com also shows the Bucs, but I wonder if that is because their conference record is 8-4 and Atlanta's is 6-4. I'm thinking maybe it's the case that today the Bucs would be in because of that but if they both win out that Atlanta would jump them???
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The playoff calculator is the best tool to tell, because it looks at what the records would be given a specific set of results that are projected thru the end of the season. The other one's ya'll are referencing only look at it from a "what if it ended now" point of view. In the latter case, the Bucs would almost certainly have the edge over us, since they've already played all their conference games, and we still have two left.

Assuming that all three teams win out, DAL, ATL and TB, ATL is the odd man out. If either DAL or TB stumble, and ATL wins out, the team that lost would be the odd man out. Of the three, I think DAL, ATL, TB, in that order, have the highest likelihood of stumbling based on strength of opponent. Although DAL D looked pretty stellar last night.


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