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Games Better Than Expected (1 Viewer)


Thought this weekend was a recipe for mismatches. Miami was better than advertised, as was Seattle. With Baltimore right in this thing- the games we thought would go sideways did not.

Add in the Jags comeback and solid Giants-Vikings game, that’s a nice set of opening games.


I've found the NFL parity to be at a very high level the last couple of seasons. The playoffs have reflected that.


It was a very exciting weekend. Other than SF I'm not sure the better team won a single game, which I think is what the NFL kinda wants. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks if Tua or especially Lamar are playing, the Bills and Bengals are out. McDaniel really impressed me as a HC today almost winning with a QB who is a borderline NFL player.

I did think the officiating was as bad as ever. especially in the Jags/Chargers game, where the Jags RT false started basically every play. But I've come to terms with the fact that it's always gonna be that way, and I like football too much to get too mad about, it basically drove me away from basketball.

The takeaway of the weekend for me, is I feel really great about my KC/SF Super Bowl picks. Think it'll be more fun if Dallas beats TB, and they should, unless they lay an egg again, but they might have got that out of their system last week.

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