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The only thing that matters to the human race is that we can begin to live full lives on space ships .... and maybe, if we are lucky, find another earth someday.

But nobody cares.

Still all that matters. But instead we are killing each other, and fighting over money.

And I hate to be nihilistic but it is very likely the entire human race, in the grand scheme of the universe, means absolutely nothing.

Ya know, some people fall on their belief in God, but for reasonable agnostics like myself ... that pretty much makes all my regrets and ##### look like nothing. If the human race is totally pointless, just strange juxtopistions of carbon. It's better than Jesus ... nothing really matters.

I don't expect anyone with an IQ under 110 to have any clue what I am talking about.

I'm talking about the end game. The ultimate future for the human race, and how we can survive in outer space, solve the earths climate problems, solve poverty, if we just stop killing each other. War. Inprisonment.

It's simple, really. Peace on earth, and then we can get started on some other problems. But it's gonna be a long time, before we get there.

I know he sounds confusing and slightly scary, but if you smoke some buddha and sit in the hall of a college dorm at 3am, he makes perfect sense.

Also, please direct me to,the stoner thread.

I did one of those feminized seed things from Holland.talk sbout OG Kush.

I have back problems, and am licensed by the state of Arizona to smoke pot. It's OK.

But this stuff makes me stupid.

Grown a lot of plants, ya know just from cheap Mexican pot. You can actually grow decent stuff from anything if you know how to grow. Really not hard. And there I have a sustainable, kinda person ... for my own personal use, for pain.

I fed it fish poop. Liquid fish poo, plants love it.

I have a pond. Small pond ... Way too much fish poo for the middle of the desert.

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