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Gould doubtful, Need a Kicker for week 10. Whose available is below. (1 Viewer)


Here are the only kickers available this week. Incremental scoring 33 yard FG equals 3.3 points and 1 point for XP.

Eddie Pineiro (CHI) vs Det
Austin Seibert (CLE) vs Buf
Aldrick Rosas (NYG) @ Jets
Ryan Succop(TEN) vs KC
Younghoe Koo(ATL) @ NO

Please give me the top 3 just in case someone else picks up who I want.




Wow that's not much to choose from.  I had Badgley and Slye available in my league and I went with Badgley.

All of your guys were available as well except Siebert and that is probably the guy I would go with in your situation.  


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