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Grant vs Williams? (1 Viewer)


If you had the opportunity to choose either Charles Grant or Kevin Williams, who would you take? Both are bright, talented DLinemen on the rise. Minnesota built up a DLine to compliment Williams. Grant is a hardworker with a nose for the ball on a team whose defense is still lacking in areas.If you had the choice, who would it be and why? :loco: :thumbdown: :thumbup:

How points do you receive per tackle and per sack?? Grant will probably have an easier time maintaining his monster sack totals since he plays DE.

I agree Peppers is the number one guy, but I would not be too surprised if Grant outscored him this year. If you were going to have a debate on how to rank the top couple D-linemen in the league Grant would be one of those guys. Compared to Williams it is a no brainer.Edit to add: Grant will have more tackles and sacks than Williams.

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How points do you receive per tackle and per sack??

Grant will probably have an easier time maintaining his monster sack totals since he plays DE.
pt/tackle and 3pts/sack...pretty standard...I was just looking at the Expert Rankings and saw that both were pretty closely ranked. So I became curious to see what the difference was between the two. In my league, you only start one, but have the option of a flex player (DL, DT, LB, CB, S)Normally, the hands down approach is to go with the extra LB...but what if the top 15 LB are off the board and you had the opportunity to go with both Grant and Williams...would you do it? :confused:

is it worth having both on your roster? or is one just that much better than the other???

16th best LB and Grant is the way to go.
Thats where I'm leaning. I like the idea of solidifying two needs at once. Having a top 5 LB on my roster already, I'm thinking Grant or Williams and adding a Brooking, Fletcher, Peterson, Witherspoon to the mix. I can't see going wrong with any of those picks. :D
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i cant believe so many people are saying grant.first of all, if your league requires a DT, its williams easy. he's one of the best VBD guys at any position offense or defense in DT required leagues. secondly, with the emergence of will smith, and darren howard still being a saint (at least as of today), it makes sense for new orleans to use all 3 talented DEs, keeping them fresh as the game goes on - helping the team, but hurting their individual stats. Lastly, Minnesota added "fat pat" williams, who will demand more attention than any of the DTs who played next to williams last year AND udeze's shoulder will be healthier AND they added a solid straight pass rusher in erasmus james, and the secondary will be improved with the addition of sharper and smoot - all of these add up to more opportunity for williams to make big plays in the backfield...

Bloom that is one way to look at the situation in Minnesota. I'm not so sure that Williams stats won't go down as a result of the Vikes having a lot more solid players on D making plays. If DT is required it is a no brainer for Williams. If not I'll take Grant hands down. The Saints do have 3 good DE's, but I think Will Smith and Howard will do most of the rotating.


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