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Half way thru the season: how are your predictions looking (1 Viewer)


Discounting unexpected injuries (Brady the most obvious)....

I called:

- AP being erratic

- Huge season for Brees and Portis

- All Cincy players way overrated as they were disaster waiting to happen

- KC: see Cincy comments above (minus Gonzo who I thought would be "pretty good")

- Roy Wms way overrated (granted I didn't expect as bad as it's been)

- Roddy White exceeding expectations

- Addai disappointing

I whiffed on:

- LT's implosion (like 98% of the rest of the FF world)

- EJ who I expected a year from similar to last year - didn't buy into Hightower

- CLE O being so incredibly disappointing

- Cooley, Chris Johnson and Forte doing as well as they have

- S Moss doing this well and Grant (even considering injury) so bad (few called those)

- Holt/Rams O doing as bad or worse than last year

- Avoiding: Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Delhomme, Steve Smith, and Warner due to likely injury (ie more than a brief ding) - still could happen but so far .......

- P Manning having "bad" year (for him)

- Rodgers

I called:- AP being erratic
I guess erratic is subjective. The guy has only had 1 awful game and only two others where he rushed for less than 100 yards (and one of those games he had 2 TD's). I would hardly call that erratic (subjectively speaking). As a Turner owner, I would call him erratic.
My biggest misses were Holt, Braylon, and LJ. I targeted Holt and Braylon on every team. Ouch.

My best calls were CJ3, Ronnie Brown, Reggie Bush, and Warner. I also targeted these 4 players on all my teams due to great ADP value.

All of my teams are super strong at every position except WR. That spot is killing me this year. My WR projections were terrible. Most of my teams had the combo of Holt, Braylon, CJ and a plethora of other WR busts.

I missed on saying Bradshaw would have the starting job in NY by now, MJD being as unreliable as he has been so far & Marshall not being the stud people thought he'd e although he's 1 step away from being kicked out of the league...


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