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Hate to do it, but gotta drop someone... (1 Viewer)


.5ppr and bye weeks killing me but need a TE and cook is who I am running for with 2 slot on WW.

T. Cohen


Bears D

Alex Collins

Kerryon JohnRE.

T Burton

Leaning Collins or Gio....really don't want to drop Bears as I won't get them back but I get it. Leave a link

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Cohen or Gio, I would lean Cohen.  Gio has a roll in the offense even if Mixon is back. This week was the first week Cohen actually did anything of substance.

I think Cook at TE will be better ROS than Burton.  Cook is a primary target for Carr so far this season and is producing every game.  I wouldn't like doing it but if I am ok riding with Cook I would drop Burton.  If you don't like that and really want to keep Bears D then I probably drop Cohen since he is on bye and you might be able to scoop him back up next week if you really wanted him.


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