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Need a kicker, but don't know who to drop. Need Help! (1 Viewer)


My kicker is on bye this week(Will Lutz). I don't want to drop him. My problem is figuring out who to drop.
TE's are big in this league. They get 1.5 PPR. The rest get full point PPR.

Here's my team
DeShaun Watson, Drew Brees
D. Henry, A. Gibson, Chubb(injured), D'Ernest Johnson, LaTavius Murray and Gio Bernard(This is who I'm leaning towards dropping.)
WR: Golliday, AJ Brown, Crowder, J. Jefferson, Beasley and Keelan Cole(This is another option)
TE: Hockenson, Fant(INJ), J. Akins(INJ) and C. Brate.

Who would you drop for the another kicker?


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