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Who should I drop? PPR full Point, TE 1.5 PPR. Need to pickup 2 players. (1 Viewer)


I need a defense this week(INDY on bye) and also don't have depth at RB. I could possibly could use another TE.

Here is my team:
DeShaun Watson, Brees
D. Henry, Chubb(IR), A Gibson, L. Murray, D'Ernest Johnson
WR: Golladay, AJ Brown, J. Crowder, J. Jefferson, K. Cole, Cole Beasley
TE: Hockerson, Fant(INJ), (J. Akins(INJ), C Brate)
K: Lutz & J. Sanders(Dropping Sanders for one of my needs.)
Def: INDY(ON bye) don't want to drop.

I'm looking at dropping Sanders for one of these defenses: PHILLY, Seattle or LAC
I also need RB or possibly another TE. I am looking at dropping either J. Akins or C. Brate.

Here is who I going after: Bernard, C. Thompson, Jamycal Hasty, J. McNichols(TEN), or Kyle Rudolph(TE)

I think I'm fine with Sanders dropped for the defense. What do I do with the other one. Should I sit on what I have or go after one of these guys?

As a Texans fan, I can tell you Akins is not a viable fantasy option even when he is healthy. Fells is the only Texans TE I would own and even he's hit and miss. I think he's safely your drop. I'd probably lean to McNichols or Hasty of your options. I just don't love Bernard or Thompson for opportunity. McNichols has been a good surprise but he's behind a monster that might be MVP. Hasty is your home run shot where he'll either be that crazy "why didn't I think of that" guy or he'll score 2 points and never be heard from again after this week.

In short : Drop Akins, pick up McNichols (safe) or Hasty (risky)

Would appreciate thoughts : https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/789646-05-ppr-dynasty-ceh-for-j-jacobs/

Waive Sanders for LAC and you could get rid of both of your te's Akins and Brate but the guys you are picking up aren't that great. Mcnichols Hasty.


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