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Help me cut two (1 Viewer)


I'm set at both the LB & DB positions & I'm fairly deep at both. Now I'm doing roster cuts & can't decide which 2 possible upside depth players to cut.Macklin, David ARI CB - Never liked CBs much, but he put up solid numbers last yearAlexander, Brent NYG S - In a 3 way battle for a starting SS spot in NY. Could still start at FS if he loses.Anderson, Marques OAK S - Was ready to drop him, but competition isn't too strong (Nick Ferguson) for the SS spot in Denver.Jackson, Dexter TBB S - Once was a top DB, now coming back from injury & moved to FS. Will he return to his big number days?Stewart, Matt CLE LB - Picked him up cheap hoping he'd get a crack at ILB, looks like he'll be OLB.

i would probably cut anderson and stewart if i were you.
Me too.I probably wouldn't shed a tear if Anderson was substituted for Alexander. It will be difficult for Alexander to hold a healthy Shaun Williams on the bench.

Marques Anderson was cut by the Raiders on Monday; he is worthless on your fantasy roster. Not a big fan of David Macklin unless you have to start a CB. If you need another DB one wont be hard to find on the WW. Matt Stewart is not all that great either but because of positional difference I would rather have him.


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