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Help Me Sharks!..will respond (1 Viewer)


FPC scoring,need a final flex:

                                                   Q.Enunwa vs Buff

                                                   S.Shepard @ SF

                                                                                  comment if you like,if you have a post I will respond if you like

I'd go Shepard over Enunwa. We know the struggles of Eli and that O, but McCown hasn't taken a snap yet this year.

I actually like Enunwa over Shepard. He is the main target for the Jets while Shepard is #2 at best. even with McCown starting I believe enunwa will be the better option this week

Thanks for answering mine. Good luck

Shepard, and I'm not sure its close. He's been pretty consistent all year, and Beckham will likely draw Sherman.


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