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Here is my full IDP roster:D J. Farrior (Pit - DL) D Z. Thomas (Mia - DL) D P. Kerney (Atl - DL) DB B. Dawkins (Phi - DB) DB T. Kiel (SD - DB) DL M. Peterson (Jac - DL)DL A. Davis (Cle - DL) BN S. Cowart (Min - DL) BN K. Mitchell (KC - DL) BN L. Arrington (Was - DL) BN J. Ulbrich (SF - DL) BN C. Tillman (Chi - DB) BN G. Brackett (Ind - DL) As you can see right now, i have my starting lineup set for the week. However, i am not sure if this is the best i should go with. Do any of you have any changes that you recomend i make for the upcoming week, or is this the best starting roster for me this week? Here is the scoring system:Tackle Solo (1)Tackle Assist (0.5)Sack (3)Interception (2)Fumble Force (2)Fumble Recovery (2)Touchdown (6)Safety (2)Pass Defended (1)Block Kick (2) Thanks for any help!

It's really tought to tell what your starting requirements are... seems s if DL &Lb are lumped together...That said,I'd be worried about Peterson this week vs IND. With the IND passing game in ful effect, there could be very few opporunities for Mike to rack up tackles.Kiel & dawkins are two more. Kiel because he is a real liability in coverage and Dawkins because the SF offense might only see 40 plays for the entire game.If I had to rate the DBs:1. Tillman2. Dawkins3. KielAs for LBs, Kawika and Brackett are 2 guys playing all 3 downs who I might try to find a home for in the starting lineup.


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