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Help...What happend on the last play (1 Viewer)


Can it be a sack and a fumble?Here's my problem....HELPReal barn burner last night....Issue: our two first place teams are duking it out and it's a difference of 2 pts. At the very end the OLDEST MAN IN THE NFL comes in for 8 unbearable plays...Much to our dismay he doesn't throw an interception. Problem...The team that's down by 2 has the Indy Defense. We award 3 pts. for turnover (fumble or pick) and 1 for a sack. What we are wondering is the last play was called a sack...then he fumbles...a 4 point swing on the last play...Can there be a sack, and a fumble on the same play? Our member says a sack is down....If it's fumble not a sack then he still wins by 1...If it's a sack not a fumble the other guy wins by 1....See why I need help....Thanks

Any time the QB fumbles and the ball changes possesion it is a fumble and a sack. I can't remember if the colts recovered the fumble or not and i'm too lazy to look. Hope this helps.

LOL.....in IDP's its a tackle as well. So Mathis got 1-2 pts for the tackle 2-4 for the sack and 1-2 pts for the FF on a moot play.

Agree, the play awards as a tackle, sack, and forced fumble for one player and then a fumble recovery for the other. So the answer your question: Yes, a sack and a fumble can occur on one play.Happens all the time.

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