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Help with starting Lineups (1 Viewer)


I can start 2 at each position. Please tell me which 2 at each position you'd start. ThanksDL:Charles Grant (NO)Terrell Suggs (Balt)Cornelius Griffin (Wash)Aaron Kampman (GB)John Henderson (Jax)LB:Zach Thomas (Mia)James Farrior (Pitt)Al Wilson (Denver)Brian Simmons (Cincy)DB:Mike Green (Chi)Madieau Williams (Cincy)Donovan Darius (Jax)Will Demps (Balt)Thanks in advance for your help

Could you provide who they play against also next time. I won't look it up and as such will give you my best guess.Grant and SuggsThomas and FarriorWilliams and Demps


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