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Hilton/Crabtree for DJ? (1 Viewer)

Equinsu Ocha

Hi all,

10-team league. 1 PPR. Start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 RB/WR/TE, TE
I'm 0-2 and top 4 make playoffs. I'm bottom 4 in scoring but have the most points scored against me (gotta love it when the team I'm trading with is 2-0 and has less points scored than I do).

My team:

QB: Mahomes/Newton
RB: Bell/Collins/Burkhead/Cohen
WR: Hilton/Tate/Crabtree/Cobb/John Brown/Shepard/Crowder/Callaway
TE: Gronk

His team:
QB: Ben/Rivers
RB: Gurley/DJ/Breida/Lynch/Ajayi/Ware
WR: Fuller/Robby Anderson/Edelman/Sanu
TE: Olsen/OJ Howard/Watson

The offer in discussion is me sending Hilton/Crabtree to get DJ. Clearly my team is pretty rough all around but especially rough at the RB position with Bell being out. I've been getting offers for Bell but they are very sub-par as nobody is really willing to give too much up for him so I'd rather hold onto him. However, with my RBs the way they are, I don't see things looking too well for me to make it to the playoffs.

My thought is while I don't want to give up Hilton, Tate provides me with a solid floor and some upside to go with it that I can survive the WR position. What do you all think? Is this a good deal or should I just hold out for something else to come along?


Yeah, there are absolutely zero options at RB at the moment. None of which that would be startable in the immediate future at least. The best options out there are Powell (just played last night so no help), Richard (OAK), Mack/Hines, Sproles (hurt), Gore... you get the point.

He was pushing for Hilton & Tate but I just don't think that would be a good move for me. That's a potential 30-40 ppg between them two that would be tough to replace. I feel like I'd be better off having Collins and one of my other trash RBs with Hilton and Tate, than to have DJ without them. I could be wrong though?


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