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Hilton for Conner? Too much?? (1 Viewer)

Equinsu Ocha

Hi all,

10-team league. 1 PPR. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE

I'm 0-2 and top 4 make playoffs.

My team:

QB: Mahomes/Newton
RB: Bell/Collins/Burkhead/Cohen
WR: Hilton/Tate/Crabtree/Cobb/John Brown/Shepard/Crowder/Callaway
TE: Gronk

His team:
QB: Rodgers
RB: Zeke, CMC, Conner, Peterson, A. Jones, 
WR: Marvin/Sammy/Goodwin/Ginn/Parker/Jeffery
TE: Kelce/Cook

I've been offered Conner for Hilton straight up. Obviously I'm hurting with Bell out and Conner would help fill the void for as long as he is out but my only concern is if Bell does show up earlier than the 10 weeks, I'd have given up a WR1 to get his backup. On the flip side, it's possible that I don't win many, if any, games until than so this would at least give me a shot. I'm pissed I didn't draft Conner, which makes it sting even worse but at this point, I feel like I just need to do anything to get some help at RB.



Equinsu Ocha


In a bit of a twist, I've also been offered Lamar Miller and Mike Evans for Bell and Hilton. He also has Green and Adams. Would this be a better deal? Also, should I insist on Green or Adams instead?



When do you think Bell comes back?  It doesn't sound like it's happening any time soon, so IMO you need another RB. 

Have you explored other RB options for Hilton?  Don't buy Conner just because you have Bell - the time for that was the draft.  But if Conner is the best RB you can get, it's a fair trade for Hilton.  I'd just suggest looking to see if there isn't another package you like better.

If you have a minute I'd appreciate you voting/answering my poll/question here:




Equinsu Ocha

I agree that Bell may not be coming back any time soon, which is why I've been shopping around for a RB. It's just that not many teams are willing to give up RBs in my league. I have had a few offers for Hilton but none have been very inspiring:

Chris Thompson for Hilton
Lindsay & Kupp for Hilton
Bell & Hilton for Miller & Evans

The last one is certainly a consideration but not sure how I really feel about it.


Equinsu Ocha


The 2 offers I have are:

1) Conner for Hilton
2) Bell and Hilton for Lamar Miller and Mike Evans

Would you take either and if so, which would you prefer?


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