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I've been rating other people's drafts all week, I guess it's time to see where I sit after last night's draft.  10 team ppr league.  All TDs worth 6.  Start QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1WR/RB/K/Def.

We can keep any player picked at the tenth round or later however long we want.  here is my roster.  (K) equals keeper.  Otherwise the round drafted is next to each player.  Note, I had two second round picks because I traded Russell Wilson pre draft.

QB - Jimmy Garoppolo (K), Blake Bortles (7), Sam Darnold (10)

RB - Ezekiel Elliott (1), Kenyan Drake (K), Mark Ingram (4), Kerryon Johnson (8), Tarik Cohen (K)

WR - Keenan Allen (2), Amari Cooper (3), Jarvis Landry (K), Chris Hogan (K), Marquise Goodwin (5), Devin Funchess (6), Doug Baldwin (K), Dede Westbrook (K)

TE - Rob Gronkowski (2)

K - Wil Lutz (9)

Def - Philadelphia (K)

Obviously my biggest deficiency is at QB.  I grabbed Darnold in the keeper round because most of the players I would have liked to have grabbed there were gone.  8 of the top 10 QBs were keepers, so I reached for Bortles at 7 just to have someone on the roster other than Garoppolo. 

QBs on the waiver wire - Winston, Mariota, Keenum, Trubisky, Tannehill, Flacco

I'm not crazy about my RB situation past Elliott but there isn't much available on the wire.  Marlon Mack is the best option.  Other than that it would be taking flyers on guys like Jeremy Hill, Devontae Booker, Austin Ekeler, Nyheim Hines.

Would you get rid of a receiver or two and try to upgrade somewhere?  Or just take what I drafted and run with it and watch the waiver wire for potential breakouts?

I would first drop Bortles for Trubisky. Then yes I would drop Dede Westbrook to upgrade at RB with Ekeler. Other than that your team looks good.

Any of the waiver wire qb's are better than Darnold, and there is nothing wrong with Bortles who has a great playoff schedule.


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