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How to attack the 2023 draft? Picks 1/4/9 (1 Viewer)


I've had a middling team in this SF TEP league for a handful of years. My team should good odds to make the playoffs but I'm trying to determine how I want to use my upcoming picks. I've been chasing QB since the league started 10 years ago. I've got one in
but I'm still looking for a trustworthy 2nd.

I think I still need another top tier WR to truly compete. Players like
and Tyreek are on teams that should be out of it but I'm not sure how much I want to invest in a 30 year old given how long it's taken for me to be competitive.

All that said, I'm taking Bijan #1. But then what's the play at 4?
? Take another shot at QB? Then at 9, should I just take BPA or would you attempt to move this for a veteran?

Cheers for the feedback! Roster is below.

Joe Burrow
Derek Carr
Trey Lance
Tyler Huntley

Jonathan Taylor
Dalvin Cook
AJ Dillon
Rachaad White
Alexander Mattison

AJ Brown
Drake London
Jahan Dotson
Christian Kirk
Jakobi Meyers
Darnell Mooney
Laviska Shenault
JuJu Smith-Schuster

Kyle Pitts
Dallas Goedert
Noah Fant
Robert Tonyan
Bijan, whichever of the three QBs is left, BPA which in TEP should be obvious as to who it is
I second this approach. In a SF you should definitely be going after one of the QB's with your second pick. Usually there is no other way to land a young QB in a superflex. With the third pick going BPA (which really should be your approach for every pick) is the right answer.
I mean especially in TEP at 9 where Kincaid is even more of an easy jump up to the bunch of Gibbs, JSN, Addison and Johnston right before a tier break

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