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How to get tickets to NFLDRAFT 2006 (1 Viewer)


I am wanting to head to the draft in 2006 does anyone know how to get tickets or how the process works to get tickets.. I heard rumors you just show up that morning and hope to get in. Not sure if that is true, just trying to plan early LOLThanks for the help

yeah thats true...you just need to get there REALLY early. i wouldnt suggest going though, it can get really boring. i mean i am a die-hard draft fanatic and i make a 7 round mock draft every year, but even watching the 5 hour first round gets boring for me. oh yeah its at the theater at msg

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True it gets really boring. But it is fun to go to once, it is a great atmosphere. I love when a teams fans starts booing when their team doesn't take the player they want. I remember the whole Patriot fan section booing when the Patriots passed on David Terrel and took Richard Seymour. Funny how things work out.

trust me...i have been one of those people before. the year portis went in, 2002, i was screaming at the texans to pick him (but obviously they could not hear me through the tv so i felt stupid) and they didn't, instead the picked chester pitts. funny how things work out

Twisters said:
[QUOTE=']you just need to get there REALLY early.
How early you talking?
[/QUOTE]7:30 am? I went 10 years ago thats when I got there. Standing in line isn't so bad just as long as the weather is ok.
The draft is at the Theater in MSG? I thought the NFL was still bent about the MSG group trying everything possible to block a new Jets stadium downtown.

it always is...unless they changed the location this year precisely for that reasonas a naitive new yorker, let me tell you that first MSG sucks, smells bad, and is overpriced.not that anything in manhattan isn't overpriced...but you catch my drifta new stadium would be nice...and the only reason why cablevision (the dolans, owners of msg and the garden) didn't want it was so that they could keep their monopoly over stadiums in manhattan. it was a real cheap deal. seriously. would have brought jobs and money into the city.well thats enough local politics ranting for me

They held last years draft at the Javits Center because the NFL was angry with MSG for trying to block the Jets new stadium. The space was much smaller and the Jets issue is over with (Giants and Jets now building a stadium together in NJ) so they might move it back to MSG.

I went the first time in April 2002 and then again the following 2 years. Only the first year I was able to get in... in `03 & `04, we got their @ 6:45am, and the lines were already insane. It seems that in `03 a lot of people started lining up the night before the draft - so around midnight (i think) the security people @ MSG handed out bracelets to those that were there the night before. So the following morning - there were 2 lines, those w/ bracelets & those without! Needless to say I was in the line without bracelets. BTW - it's in MSG's theater - NOT the actual stadium.In `04 they did the same crap, but at least they were kind enuff to announce it to the crowd early enuff this time. So my brother & I walked to the ESPN-Zone @ Time-Square & watched the draft there. It was a blast! My suggestion - call MSG box-office the week of the draft & inquire as to the plans of the ticket office. I know in `04 they cut the number of tickets for the crowd almost in half because ESPN took up a lot more space for all their crap. It seems they're the ones that really run the ship there - not the NFL. If I recall correctly, in `04 they only handed out something like 3-400 tix. That's not much considering that MSGs theater holds well over 1,000+++.

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Thanks everyone sounds like a crap shoot to get in esp since I do not live in NY. But woudl love to go. I will call the MSG folksThanks again and happy new year to allLOD


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