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I am starting Alex Smith vs. Philly over ____________ (1 Viewer)

I grabbed him in a 2 QB league, so either Brady or Romo.

Probably Brady, with Gronk looking to be a game-time decision.

I'm also starting him in a bunch of contests at FanDuel. The owner that has him in my regular league is benching him and starting RGIII.

I actually think Alex Smith is going to have a very nice night. Wouldn't start him over Brady though, personally. Brady's receivers were just plain dropping passes, he's still playing at a very high level.

Alex Smith has nearly as many rushing yards on the season as Michael Vick.

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He's my 2nd QB in a two QB league tonight. Vick is other one playing. Playing over Russell Wilson and Bradford

Alex Smith is just not good we should have figured this out by now.

In the future I would suggest everyone just avoid these threads like the plague.

I you ever see a "I'm stating so and so over ________________" thread for anyone in you starting lineup, this is a big red flag. Put the pipe down go to your computer/phone/tablet, calmly move so and so to your bench and start ____________ before its to late.

Sleep easy knowing you made the right choice.

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strongly considering him over dalton and cutler. i picked him up as a why not this week. tough choice really
kept him on the bench......i know you guys were wondering!

Stingdiddy said:
FUBAR said:
Considering over romo
I have the exact same consideration in "my other league". I don't know, I have a good feeling about Romo this week at home vs. STL.
Indecision paid off (depending on romo) as i didn't get Smith in.

I know you care

He had almost the same amount of points as Matt Ryan had week one in my weekly salary cap league. He was not bad at all and cost less than half what Ryan does. :shrug:

He's my 2nd QB in a two QB league tonight. Vick is other one playing. Playing over Russell Wilson and Bradford
Oof. So you started the guy who couldn't stop throwing INTs (should have had two more) and the guy who is so afraid of throwing an INT he refuses to throw a pass further than 10 yards.


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