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I Can't Respect The Cardinals (1 Viewer)

Despyzer said:
Ghost Rider said:
You are the one implying that a 16-3 team (that was in the top 8 in both total offense and total defense, top 4 in both scoring offense and scoring defense, and FIRST in turnover ratio) was not worthy of making the Super Bowl. Think about that for a minute, and them come back and apologize. :)
I am? Care to link me to where I said anything like that? What I said was that single good year was a fluke, an anomaly. Odd that you think I should apologize for having an opinion different from yours while you see nothing wrong with putting words in people's mouths. :excited:
If that isn't implying that they weren't a worthy Super Bowl team, then I don't know what is. Notice I said you implied ot, not said it. You didn't say it directly, but it was obviously implied, and now you are trying to back out of it. I am sorry, but you don't get to the Super Bowl by being a fluke. Winning 16 games in a season and postseason combined is not a fluke. Like I said before, the fact that they weren't that good in the years before and after their Super Bowl year doesn't really mean anything. In 1998, they were a great team.

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