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I need help with FLEX - Pick One (1 Viewer)


Hey guys,

I need help picking one player for my last FLEX spot in a PPR league:

Ware (KC) vs. Oakland

Moore (CAR) vs. Tampa Bay

Adams (PHI) vs. WAS

My head tells me Ware, especially since he’ll be the workhorse following Hunt’s removal from the team. But, Moore’s matchup looks super tasty. Finally, Adams has been getting 20+ carries for the last few games and looks damn good in his role.

Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First off here's stats:
- Ranks LAST against the rush
- Ranks  1st  for lowest pass completion (I'm actually amazed)
-  Ranks 15th in yards allowed per game
- Ranks 25th for overall pass completions
- Ranks 27th for yards allowed per game
- Ranks 8th against the rush
- Ranks 22nd for overall pass completions
- Ranks 23rd in yards allowed per game

With that, Spencer Ware is a beautiful choice against Oakland,. Moore has seen a nice 15 receptions over last two games. Adams saw a HUGE jump in attempts last game and could be used slightly used as a receiving back like he (somewhat) was against the Saints, BUT I personally would say either Moore against a troubling pass defense or Ware against the worst rush defense. My hunch is Ware as well but Moore is super tempting.

I'd go Adams myself. The Redskins are every bit the crater that Oakland is, its just fresh so the season long stats aren't there. 



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