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Tough start-sits this week - 1/2 pt. ppr 12 team league (1 Viewer)


We start 1 Qb, 2 Rb, 2 Wr, 1 Te,1 K, 1 Dst. and 1 Flex (Rb,Wr,Te) My choices for this week are:

Rb - Mixon vs Sea, Kamara @ Hous, Mattison @ Chi, R. Stevenson @ Lvr
Wr: Collins vs Nos, G Davis vs NYG, Flowers @ Tenn, DJ Moore vs Minn, C Ridley vs Ind
I'm starting Mahomes & Qb and Goedert at Te

I'm thinking Mixon & Kamara & DJ Moore but after that I'm not sure.

Ridley has been hot & cold, G Davis has scored in his last 4 games and he seems to be Allen's #2 but they should kill NY and won't need to pass much, Nico Collins is like Ridley, feast or famine and faces a tough NO defense. Flowers - no. At Rb - Mattison has a juicy matchup vs Chi, and Stevenson gets the Lvr, a great matchup for Rb's.

Really stumped - Any and all insights/advice is greatly appreciated - Thanks!

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