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I REALLY can't decide for week 7 against my stalker (1 Viewer)


OK, I'm doing well thanks to this site.  5-1 and a game up on my nearest pursuer.  I play him this week and can not decide on a number of positions.  Like, almost all of them.  It's a non-PPR standard ESPN league with 12 teams etc.  These are my choices:

Newton or Winston?  Not unhappy with either but heck.  Ill likely struggle with this the rest of the year.

I need 2 RB, 2WR and a FLEX form the following.  Yeah, I KNOW Gurley is obvious.

Gurley, Howard, K Johnson, L Miller, B Cooks, Golladay, Lockett, J Brown, T Gabriel

Oh and to make it more complicated I just picked up Goodwin and noticed someone waived the Vikings D.  Thinking I'll dump Goodwin and plug the Vikes in against NYJ instead of riding the Bears vs NE.

I'd personally roll with Cam, Gurley, KJ, Cooks, Brown (due to the NO matchup), Gabriel (NE matchup)....though playing Golladay over Brown would be understandable. 

I personally like Goodwin over Lockett ROS, but that is pretty dependent on his health.

Thanks.  I am torn on Goodwin.  Lockett has been excellent this year and yet - never broke my lineup.  I also have TY who is out for a bit.

Maybe I should change and drop Lockett instead of Goodwin.

I'd stick with the bears and keep your skill players. I would go Winston, Gurley and Kerryon. Cooks and Brown and Golladay. I like Gabriel but I think Detroit will put up some great numbers.

Thanks beer buff.  I got bumped for the Vikes D anyway so looking more like I'm playing the bears D.  Yikes.  Maybe Brady will show his age or something  LOL.

I would look to trade one of your QB's so you don't have that decision to make each week.  They both have had their bye so put them both on the block and see what the best offer is and if it helps you pull the trigger.

For this week I go with:

Newton, Gurley, Kerryon, Cooks, Golladay and Gabriel

Thanks Gally.  I thought about doing that.  Two things hold me back.  One is schedule for the playoffs.  

Newton weeks 14-17 - @CLE, NO, ATL, @NO

Winston - NO, @Bal, @Dal, Atl

So for week 14 I like Winston vs NO at home.  Weeks 15-16 I don't like him facing Bal and Dal away.  But Newton gets NO and Atl at home both weeks.  Week 17 I go with the hot hand.

Also the injury risk.  I'd hate to get all the way to the playoffs and have to find some replacement level QB.  I agree with your concept but I'd rather drop one of my WRs who I think I have real depth in if not stardom.

QB's are easier to stream or pick up if need be.  I wouldn't worry about having that roster spot when you have two solid options.  Pick the one you like and trade for a guy that could be a starter.  You don't have to get full value but get something that improves your overall starting team.  If that isn't possible then I can see holding.  It just leads to kicking yourself when you pick the wrong guy every week...hahaha


Gurley, Johnson

Cooks, Golladay


I'd dump Goodwin for the Vikes D and start them. I can't see you ever starting Goodwin.

Yeah.  League I'm in hardly anyone ever trades.  Bummer but it is what it is.  Everyone is so afraid of screwing up they don't.  On dumping Goodwin for the Vikes I tried.  Was bumped.  Right now the best D available per FBG is Broncos, Lions or Redskins.  Not sure I want one of them so badly.  It is scary running a D agains the Pats though.  Might do it.

Well, at the end of the Q1 I am feeling really happy taking the Broncos D instead of riding CHI vs NE.  26 fantasy points.  Likely lose some of that but thinking I guessed (or followed FBG) right.  ?


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