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Just finished my draft- How badly do I need another RB? (1 Viewer)


Standard Yahoo league.....I had the 7th pick. Start QB/2RB/2WR/1 TE/1 Flex. Went against the grain a bit by going RB/RB and then may have gone too far trying to make up ground at WR and left myself with little depth at RB! What do you think?

QB- Lamar Jackson, Geno Smith
RB- Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry, Cam Akers, Ezekiel Elliott, Tyjae Spears
WR- Brandon Aiyuk, Christian Kirk, Mike WIlliams, Brandin Cooks, Jaxon Smith-Njigba
TE- Mark Andrews
K- Daniel Carlson
DEF- Pittsburgh

Trading WR for RB never seems to work out, but any advice on where to go from here? I like my team other than wanting that one more RB for depth. Thanks for your input!
I think you are worse off at WR. I wouldn't trade a WR for a RB. Your WR room as a bunch of a guys that could have good years but none that really have taken the step to be trustworthy enough to rely on. Each one has big if's surrounding their consistency.
You are good at RB. Chubb & Henry are solid & I think Akers has a good season. Zeke could be a sneaky play in the NE run game. WR is ok, but just need to see how it plays out. I like Kirk, but with Ridley now there, will he be the guy or will Trevor get everyone involved? Mike has always been able to put up #'s, but can't seem to stay healthy. If he can, your WR group improves greatly, cause I think the change in OC for the Chargers is going to help both him & Keenan this year. I like the Lamar/Andrews stack!! GL!
Am I reading this right? It's a non-PPR league with just 2 starting WR spots?

If so, you fell into exactly the right strategy; RBs are waaaaaay more valuable than WRs in such a structure. Chris Olave put up exactly as many points in non-PPR scoring last year as D'Onta freaking Foreman; and only having to start 2 means you really don't have to worry about WR depth.

So I'll buck the trend and say trading a WR for an equivalent RB is exactly what I would try to do. You (and most teams) will be starting 3 RB most weeks, so while you have 3 solid ones I'd want to get 4 to cover bye weeks / injuries. Even if you have to move one of your top two WRs to get another starting RB back, M-Will is a perfect non-PPR WR archetype and can slot right in for you. And my guess is you can find a jump-ball specialist (Collins, Thielen, DPJ) for free on the wire that will give you 90% - hell, maybe 110% - of the production of a Cooks or JSN type in this format.

Let us know how it works out and GL to you.

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