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I used VBD for the 1st time this year (1 Viewer)

VBD is only as good as the projections.

So true. Case in point: in FBGs explanation of VBD, they say it's not hard to figure out that Trent Green is a better choice than Carson Palmer, and they put Steve Smith in the same tier as Nate Burleson.

This is by no means a shot at FBG, just an example of how difficult it is to make accurate projections.

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You should try getting in a real league.
we'll be putting a "high performance" dynasty league together shortly...14 teams...start:







84 position players start weekly---1 PPR/WR's...2PPR/TE's

care to draft in THIS scoring system w/out VBD principles?

if so....PLEASE come join us!

we'll only lighten your pocket $110 per year---not too much to prove your point, you think?

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Update: Championship won. Using VBD for the first time ever...well, Ive always used some of its principals....but doing my own projections for the first time and coming up with a solid strategy using DVBD (with help of running all sorts of mocks with Henderson's DD) helped me dominate from the get go. Sure I made good moves throughout the year, but most of my starters were players I drafted (aside from Rackers, Branch, and G Jones when Taylor was out), which means I really did a better job of drafting this year than in years past. Even with the loss of Javon Walker (3rd round pick), I ended up first in overall points and the best record in the league at 12-4-1.Im counting the days until the fantasy mags hit the shelves in June so I can start my 2006 projections.I will never stray from VBD from here on out. If youve never used VBD because it seems like too much work or you dont fully understand it, take this offseason to read up on it, and then read some more, and then play around with the Draft Dominator and run mocks and tweak baselines and try different strategies and you will start to see how it works and why it works. :thumbup:


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