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IDP NEWBIE __ HELP (1 Viewer)

s d lynn

Inaugural IDP Keeper LeagueRoster Size: 28Start: 14 --- 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 2 DL/DT, 2 LB, 2 DB/SSBasic Off. Scoriung plus one point per receptionDef Scoring: 1.5 solo / 1.0 assist / 2 FR,FF,Int / 4 Sack / 6 TDPlease help me with my 9.12 and 10.01 picksMy team so far:QB BulgerRB AlexanderRB Ahman GreenTE GonzoWR Andre JohnsonWR BoldinWR TJ HoshmanzadehLB Mike Peterson JAXI am the only owner without a backup RBHere is who is left RB:W. Parker PITBettisTJ Duckett (same bye week as Ahman)SheltonStephen DavisDroughns PittmanFaulkI also need 2 starting DE/DT , 2 starting DB/DD, and 1 starting LBHere is who has been takenDE/DT: pepers/kerney/grant/k wms/taylorLB:lewis/bulluck/edwards/barnet/urla/fletch/vil/thomas/brooks/spikes/farrior/wongDB: harrison / polamulu /reedMY QUESTION:Do I play it safe and go backup RB and IDP --- if so who(OR)Do I go 2 IDPs and hope to get backup RB later (next pick is 23 picks away)Which IDPs to get ? leaning towards Madieu wms & Aaron SchobelThank you in advance !Sorry so long....


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