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IDP Roundtable Podcast: Week 3 (1 Viewer)

Sigmund Bloom

Staff member
IDP Roundtable Week 3

In This Episode: Sigmund Bloom, Jene Bramel, and John Norton review the news and notes that are affecting IDP leagues in week 3. Topics include: Whats up with David Harris, Injured and emerging safeties, Time to panic if you own Trent Cole, and more!

Benny Beaver said:
Bench Patrick Willis? That's gutsy. Logical, but gutsy.
This one crossed my mind when looking for options to call out last night. I nearly went with it, but W1 numbers and recovery from injury aside, I couldn't do it.
I wouldn't bench p-will if he was getting in the ring w/steve smith.

and I'm rollin' with d white over jackson, but that was a tough call.

I'd say never bench your studs, unless you have the option of going to another with a better matchup should apply to IDP as well.


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