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IDP Scoring System Definitions (1 Viewer)

Uncle Humuna

An IDP's worth is almost always (rightfully) estimated relative to specific scoring systems.

e.g. "He's top-5 in leagues that favor big plays" or "He's a stud in tackle-heavy scoring systems".

What I'm looking for is some examples of what constitutes each.

Obviously, it ultimately depends on total FPs scored, but it would be nice to see how this translates to the actual values assigned to the scoring system.

Anyone willing to give some rough cut-offs as to where the line is drawn between a tackle-heavy and "big play"-favoring scoring system?



I think the cut-off in my league would be 4:1 for interceptions and sacks to solo tackles. 4:1, that's big play, where your DEs and and CBs who are prolific move to higher value. We use 3:1, where your consistent tacklers are usually better starts each week over an upside play like a Vanden Bosch or Phillip Buchanon.

It's somewhat limited in a larger discussion, but this offseason article on big-play strategy shows how some linebacker values change as the sack-to-tackle ratio changes. The charts in that article show how the seasonal stats of "big play" guys like Merriman, Harrison and Ware look different in the rank lists at different ratios.

But I think that the sack-to-tackle ratio is a good place to start, and it's something I've been pushing for a couple of seasons now as an easy guide. Generally speaking the very best rush OLBs will begin to crack the top 20 LBs when the sack-to-tackle ratio is 3.5-4 to 1 or more. Higher ratios should definitely be considered big play leagues. The same holds for defensive linemen. A mostly one-dimensional pass rush threat like Dwight Freeney (or in previous seasons, Mark Anderson or Elvis Dumervil) doesn't begin to have top 20 value until that ratio is 4:1 or more.

Raw points also come into play. If you've got a sack-to-tackle ratio of 4:1, it'll make a slight difference if it's 8/sack and 2/tackle vs 4/sack and 1/tackle, especially if the offensive scoring stays standard. The higher raw point number makes the big weeks from the inconsistent one trick ponies more valuable in relative terms.

It's not just the sack-to-tackle ratio, though. Points for sack yards, interception and fumble return yards, FF/FR and PD can also skew the system slightly. If you get points for sack yards, the sack-to-tackle ratio is higher than it looks. Big FF/FR numbers will favor rushers and tacklers that consistently go for the ball. Leagues that give more points for PD than solos favor defensive backs with ball skills.

In general, though, the first thing to consider are the sack and INT/PD ratios. And the rough line is about 3.5:1 sack and 4:1 INT.

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The IDP league I'm in is a bit strange but I consider it more of a Big Play league but high tacklers really shine as well.

I should set the stage on the offense first. All TDs are 10 pts. Yardarge is double what the "typical" league is. Thus passing 1 pt per 10 yards and rushing/receiving is 1 pt per 5 yards. PPR at 1pt each. INTs and Fumbles are -10. OUCH.

So for example Hines Ward had 35 pts last week (7/90 1 TD)

On defense all "big plays" are also 10 pts (the though here is that they are the IDP version of a TD). So INTs/Fumble recoveries/sacks are all 10 pts.

Assists are 1 pt each.

Tackles are a bit weird. 5 pts for the first. 3 pts each up to 6. Thus 20 pts for 6 tackles. Then it's 5 pts each from then on. So we refer to 6 tackles as being "in the bonus" as the 7th tackle and beyond is now worth more.

So I typically average out when doing projections to 3.3 or 3.5 per tackle.

PDs are 2 pts. Forced fumble is 5 pts.

So for example Patrick Willis this week had 74 pts. (14/4/1sack).

Even more interesting is that any defensive TD is 20pts.

Most scores in this league are above 300. Score 400 or more and you'll probably win. And scoring is *very* balanced across both offense and defense. 35 man rosters, full 11 IDP starting, 7 on offense (1QB, 2RB, 3 WR/TE, 1PK), 1 head coach (-10 per loss, +10 per win) and 1 offensive line (-5 per sack given up).

So our ratio is typically 3-4:1 but goes down to 2:1 as someone reaches 7+ tackles. So I typically consider this league a "big play" league but also describe it as high tacklers are certainly rewarded. At least I think that's a good description.

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