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IDP trade help (1 Viewer)


heres the deal guys i picked up ricky just to see if i could find a sucker to trade with and i got a bite it goes like thisme-ricky/thurmanhim-kato juneeverybody thinks im getting the better out of this right?

Huh???? I would not even give up O Thurman for C June straight up.

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I would think twice about this deal if i were you. First, Ricky is likely to surprise some people. And Miami needs him in the game and playing well to prove his trade value. I'm not sure who else you have at RB but Ricky could be a solid #2 or #3 RB for the rest of the year. For all his problems, he's one of the most talented RB's to ever play the game. Second, Thurman is still learning and is going to keep getting better and better as the year progresses. June is very inconsistent. In fact, he hasn't had more than 8 tackles in a game yet this year but has 2 games where he's made big plays. In his last game he had 2 int's and a TD but only 4 tackles. He's more like a CB than a LB. Not sure what your scoring is like but in my league I would definitely not do this deal.

Huh????  I would not even give up O Thurman for C June straight up.
:thumbup: enough said.
I agree the way Cato is playing now he is better than Thurman right now, but Thurman is still a rookie, in a Dynasty league I may trade straight up but not if you throw in Williams. :ph34r:
There is much confusion in this thread as to who is getting who I think ...Williams & Thurmon > June ... its not even an issue.

well im only in a 6 man league my rbs are willis alexander and sjax im thinking about keeping ricky tho bc in my league you get 1 pt per rec...as far as thurman and june go i have realized thanks to everybodys help that it would be a dumb trade on my part...june did just have a couple big games and thurman gets abpout 6-8 tackles a game...so thanks guys i could have blown that one


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