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IDP Waiver Wire for Week 8? (1 Viewer)


Obviously depends on how deep your league is, how many you start, etc etc, but (in no particular order). Unfortunately I can't get DirectTV or even NFL network, so just going on #s and situations - would appreciate insight.

Brandon Johnson - Rivers out for the season with a broken jaw
Brandon Chillar - 7-2 ... when is AJ Hawk coming back?
Corey Graham - another big day
Chase Blackburn - was able to see this game... he was flying around. Looks better than Pierce has in previous weeks. I've been a big fan of his since 2006 - looked good back then, and was disruptive today. Someone to keep an eye on in deeper leagues if he gets his shot?Anyone else?

Trevor Scott - Raiders - 2 sacks, 3 tackles, 3 assists, 1 FF. Fluke?
I've been following Trevor Scott since he was drafted. He's a converted TE out of the University of Buffalo, tested very well at the combine, very athletic, raw, has with a good motor.He's a pass rush specialist, right now he's getting more snaps than usual with Burgess being out. He is 4th on the depth chart though behind Burgess, Richardson, Edwards. Its not too often the Raiders are in the lead, therefore I'm assuming that they don't see as many "passing downs" compared to other teams (would be something to follow up on).I wouldn't expect him to put up those numbers again anytime soon, but he's a fun project guy if you're in a deep dynasty and have room to stash him away on your roster.

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