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Improved Offenses (1 Viewer)

I glanced over at the NFL.com stats website to get an idea of what teams should've been better last year based on certain indicators and these ones jumped out at me:

Pittsburgh & Minnesota

On the other side, Carolina's offense looks like a huge fluke. However they didn't stand pat with their offense and signed a consistent chain mover in Keyshawn Johnson, so that helps quite a bit.

1. Washington - as far as ff is concerned I love the Lloyd pick-up

2. Houston - I am not basing this on Bush either.. I am still hoping they trade the pick.. the coaching and hopefull improvement in the O -line looks promising.

3. Lions - The wicked witch is dead! (Harringtons gone)

4. Miami - I see them continuing to improve

5. NY Giants - The def is improved..especially if they sign Aarington.. but with Eli getting his 3rd year I am hoping to see things slow down for him and spread the ball more.

6. Seattle- I like the Nate signing.. I think Burleson will be a top #2 wr... but never a #1 and after the Super-Fix I am now a closet Seahawk fan to some degree.

7. Chicago - I don't know if this should really fall under most improved...they were pretty good last year.. but I would definetly say that with Rex back and Benson getting more involved they should make a strong playoff push as long as health holds out.

Heres my Not yet and downgrade list:

1. Tenn - still will bottom feed

2. San Fran - too many problems will be here for a long time

3. Rams - Age will show and SJ will never be a Faulk

4. Pitts - bye bye Bus... bye bye playoffs

5. Philly- for a coach that would pass it every down if possible he sure didnt spend any on getting WRs to throw to.

6.Oakland- not sold on new/old coaching as a improvement

7. Jets- too many holes

8. New Orleans - they'll be better... but still at the bottom of their division.

9. New England- The loss of McGuinest and Givens will hurt them.. Branch will fail without a solid #2.

10. Indy- Losing James will hurt

11. GB - fisrt off I'd like to say dump Favre.. this is ridiculous.. let Rogers get the reps as you rebuild.

12. Denver- Dayne as #1? please... lol... Bell will end up the #1 but will he last all season?

13. Dallas- can't wait to see who throws to TO when imobile Bledsoe goes down. (see Giants Def)

14. Cleveland - If Braylon and Winslow are 100% I'd say upgrade...but I don't think that will happen until 2007.

15. Carolina... need a RB...and they need a #2 WR..

16. Buffalo - Losing Moulds has to hurt. This team imo has a long way to go. Also I am not nearly as sold on McGahee as some it seems are.

17. Baltimore... ugh... Lewis and Anderson... Its a shame a Marine went to such a low character team..(just my opinion guys...)


I'll pick one per Division:

AFC East, Mia - With the stipulation that Cpep is healthy back in the O that he is familar with.

AFC North, Clev - Like the improvments on the Oline and Winslow will be back.

AFC South, Hou - Bush, Moulds and a better scheme up front.

AFC West, Oak - Brooks should help turn things around.

NFC East, Wash - Saunders and a real WR2

NFC North, Det - Martz, enough said... I hope.

NFC South, NO - Got their QB.

NFC West, SF - Umm had to pick someone.

1. Arizona- Adding Edge was a huge improvement; Az Hakim will be nice too

2. Dallas- T.O. will make Glenn/Crayton/Witten even better, not to mention the balls he grabs himself. Will also take pressure off of the run.

3. Carolina- Keeping Deshaun was a good move, they will draft another back. Adding Key was huge in my opinion. He will make Steve Smith even more deadly. Key will grab 70 balls that no one else on that team would have grabbed. Carolina is my favorite for the Super Bowl this year.

13. Dallas- can't wait to see who throws to TO when imobile Bledsoe goes down. (see Giants Def)
I love seeing all the stupid people here saying Dallas will be worse with T.O.Yes, and Bledsoe is such an injury risk, since he has been out once in his career. :rolleyes: I love all the Bledsoe hate since the guy finished no lower than 8th in any major QB category and was easily top 5 before his offensive line went down. Like T.O. said better get your :popcorn:

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