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I have a dilemma that I don't know how to resolve.  I'm in a keeper league and I can keep one player.  Since I won the league last year I get the right to choose my draft position in a snake draft for a PPR league.  So...I can keep one player and choose first in the draft (which means I can get another top quality player).  I'm not sure whether I should keep Lamar Jackson or keep Ekeler and pick first to get Maholmes.  Kamara was a bust for me last year, as was Goff.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

My 2019 Team...

Lamar Jackson - QB - Bal
Jameis Winston - QB - TB
Jared Goff - QB - LA
Daniel Jones - QB - NYG

Mark Ingram - RB - Bal
Alvin Kamara - RB - NO
Austin Ekeler - RB - LAC
Alexander Mattison - RB - Min
Sony Michel - RB - NE

Mike Evans - WR - TB
Amari Cooper - WR - DAL
Jamison Crowder
Devante Parker - WR - Mia
Auden Tate - WR - Cin
Kenny Stills - WR - Hou 

Mark Andrews - TE - BAL

San Francisco - DEF

Harrison Butker - K - KC


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