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In This Thread I Count Down Every Song Ever Recorded (songs #1,099,442,887 thru #1 to be crowd sourced) (1 Viewer)

This got grounded like a rockaction musing.

This was funny, though. I did get a laugh. And a cry for Frownland.

In all seriousness we had this kid dominate a Q & A session we had with Robert Christgau, who deigned to speak at our Central NY U. once for the radio station, with questions about Captain Beefheart. He was the Jazz Director at the W___ and kept insisting that Beefheart was the man. Christgau finally looked at him after like twenty minutes and said, "You've got an hour and a half. Do you really want that time spent on the Captain?"

Everybody lerfed.

The chap, an amiable jazz fellow and trier, was undaunted.



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