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Is drafting FOUR QB overkill?? (1 Viewer)


Normally I take 2-3 QBs in a draft, depending on how confident I am with the first two I get.  With the amount of potential QBs this year, I am thinking of waiting longer than usual to pick one up, thereby stocking up on RB and WR.  It is a 10-person keeper league with 19 roster spots.  We play RB/WR/FLX/FLX in those 4 spots.  I'm going to start the draft off by keeping Kamara (18th) and drafting Elliot (1st round, 2nd pick).  I'm then going to use the next 6 picks (rounds 2-7) drafting a combination of 5 RB/WR and 1 TE.  That means I won't pull the trigger on a QB until the 8th round.  Historical league data suggests that this will be the "projected" QB 10 or 11.  At this point I should have something like 3 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE, and a QB with 10 picks left.  I've done numerous draft dominator mocks, and with the value in given rounds, I only see me getting 4 more RB/WR, 1 QB, 1 TE, 1 DEF, and 1 K with those 9 picks.  That leaves me with 2 more picks.  Obviously if a value RB/WR falls to me, I'll snatch them, but if I don't see value, my choices are sleepers or more QBs.

The way I see it, I should have a solid starting "four' with 7 reserves amongst RB and WR, and a decent  TE with a back up.  Since I waited so long for a QB, it's theoretically my weakest link, so why not take 4 with high upsides, hoping one of them hits?

Thoughts?? This is of course, all speculation.  If something happens like last year wihen Russell Wilson kept falling and I had to pull the trigger earlier than I planned, I will do the same.

If it were a 2 qb league I could see it but not in a 1 qb league. I would only draft 2 if you have one top 12 QB. The QB position is deep and there isn't much separation so don't overdraft that position. Taking chances on additional RB's or WR's is the way to win leagues, not with a handful of reserve QB's.

When deciding your bench, you have to compare the value of the player with the value on the waiver wire at that position.  With only 19 roster slots, why would you spend one on a 4th QB? 

QB is, by far, the easiest position to replace in season, especially in a 10 person league.  There will always be at least 6 QB starters available on the waiver wire throughout the season.  

Absent a recent injury, there will be zero starting RBs, zero WR1s and probably zero WRs on the waiver wire.

To put this in perspective, I would not waste a roster spot on a 4th QB even if it would then give me 4 of the top 10 QBs overall.

I wouldn't even take three QB's let alone four.  It makes no sense to take more than 2 and in some instances I can see only drafting 1 and picking up a bye filler when needed based on matchups.  Take fliers on RB's and WR's.  that is where you gain the most bang for your draft capital if/when one of those hits. 


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