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Is the Redskins o-line headed the way of the Chiefs? (1 Viewer)


With Portis receiving a lot of hype, and having his most consistent season in WAS, I wanted to get some opinions on the WAS line.

I admit I know little about the group, but notice the ages creeping up with Samuels, Kendall, Thomas, and Jansen. Jansen briefly lost his starting spot to Heyer, but is now back-- right? That leves Rabach at C as the only starter younger than 30.

Just wondering what kind of tread is left on these guys and if the 'skins are doing a good job building any replacements. This is not the hall of fame group of Roaf, Waters, Shields, but it has me wary of a similar kind of mess that happened in KC when everyone got old at the same time. Seems like a good conversation to have as people jump on the Portis/Campbell bandwagon.

They did draft a guy - Rinehart - this past year that they're big on. He looked good in the preseason. Most likely he will replace Kendall at guard (whose contract is up at the end of this year). But yes, they're getting old and the FO needs to bring in some young talent.


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