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Is this corrupt or just terrible ethics? (1 Viewer)


Yeah, it's shady. Sorry it happened to you.

I think the moral of the story is don't play in leagues with strangers when money is on the line.

đŸ¤· many of us do this and it’s worked out well. But yeah, there’s definitely risk.


IBL Representative
Which site do guys use and do they do auctions,IDP and how much per year? Thanks
MFL is great. Recommended for dynasty.
How much are the yearly fees on MFL? They are in my short list, for sure. They do auctions as well?
MFL does slow auctions well. Not sure I'd wanna do a live one.

MFL in general is wonky....TONS of settings and immense amount of customization is possible. That's both a good thing, and a bad thing. Good is that you can set the league up however you want, adjust any and all scoring parameters however you want. The bad thing is that sometimes things you'd assume should be simple/routine are a buried option somewhere in what sometimes feels like an antiquated interface.

That said, a routine league without wonky rules isn't hard to do, and it's cheaper then RTS at around 90
How does the slow draft work? And how long do you think a 12 team league with 24 players rostered would take?

I have done many slow drafts, not auctions, on FFPC, where the person on the clock has a long limit. Usually 2, 4 or even up to 8hrs per pick. I was in a 12 team league a few years ago with 8hr limits, it took almost 4 weeks to complete.
Really depends on how many you allow up at a time, and what your kill time is (12 hours with no raise? 18 hours?) Like everything else at MFL, HIGHLY customizable. A week would take some tight settings. 20-25 days is probably more reasonable

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