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Is this fair for Caleb? (1 Viewer)

I would take the Lawrence side easily and it's not particularly close. I have it as:

TLaw side because Tracy might be nothing. Brooks was first RB taken this year an will have insulated value for the next year due to his ACL recovery. So even if Brooks does nothing this year people will get hyped next offseason once he has a full year healthy.

T-Law just got the bag and is locked up for years. They gave him some more weapons this year and I think he takes a step forward. Nice having the BTJ stack with Tlaw as well.

I like both Worthy and BTJ - could end up a wash but Worthy already banged up (hamstring) which isn't good as he needs all the reps he can get. So right now BTJ over Worthy.

Bottom line is overpaying Brooks and BTJ worth it for Worthy and Caleb? If your team is competiting this year I'd just roll with the Tlaw side. If you are punting this year then maybe reroll Tlaw into caleb but I'm just not comfortable giving up Brooks for Tracy.

It's not a "bad" trade if you are 100% sold on Caleb and need him as your guy.... but for me, I'd rather keep BTJ and Brooks and that is how I see it. Brooks is going to eventually be the man in CAR.

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