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J. Gordon (vs PIT) or J. Brown (vs BUF) (1 Viewer)

J. Gordon (vs PIT) or J. Brown (vs BUF)

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  • J. Gordon (vs PIT)

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PPR League. Need a WR.

* J. Gordon vs PIT -- Lousy weather, wind and rain, although not the monsoon everyone was calling for. Talk of pitch count but Schefter indicating he's "good to go."


* J. Brown vs BUF -- BALT may just pound the lousy BUF run D. Secondary is a lot tougher. Brown looks like he could be the #1 WR over Crabtree and could get deep. Also weather issues here.



Neither is a great choice, but I'd go with Gordon. Weather isn't that bad and he is an elite talent when on the field.


Please see mine..............https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770103-bench-baldwin-and-evans-for-who/

Tougher than you may think. The connection between Flacco and Brown is great and I believe he will reach the endzone. The safer play is Gordon though.


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